Cool Ways to Wear a Hair Bow and Why They Are So In!

Cool Ways to Wear a Hair Bow and Why They Are So In!

Mar 07, 2022

Hair bows are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to add a little flair to your look or just add some color, you can never go wrong with adding a hair bow! With everyday workplace attire and formal occasions being replaced by the ever-changing world of fashion, it’s time for you to step into the new age of fashion. Here are some cool ways to wear hair bows and learn why they are so in!

The Most Common Ways to Wear a Hair Bow

The most common ways to wear a hair bow are as a headband, as a clip, or even as an accent piece. Of course, the variations of these styles are endless. You can add a hair bow to your everyday style by simply wearing it as part of your hair. If you’re looking to add some color or flair without overdoing it, adding a hair bow is one of the best ways to go about it!

Another way to wear a hair bow is by including it in your outfit. Whether you’re rocking out with some bold prints and colors or heading out for date night with your significant other, adding a little pizazz is going to make all the difference. Another way to use them is as an accent piece that adds some color and flair to any outfit!

By clipping them on items you already have you can create eye-catching look. If you have an old pair of jeans that need some love and you don’t want them throwing off your outfit, just clip on the desired hair bow! Adding this little addition will make any outfit look fresh without having to spend hours finding the perfect outfit for your day.

The Trendiest Styles

There are many different styles of hair bows out there. Some styles are great for the office and some are better for a night on the town. The trendiest style of hair bow is in the shape of a flower. If you love flowers, this is the perfect style to wear! It’s a fun way to accessorize your look with an accessory that has such a big impact.

Another trend is to wear your hair up in a bun and by adding your favorite hair bow it will make a difference. For those women who have long tresses, wearing their hair up in a bun is the perfect way to add some flair without having to go through all of your hair. It’s also ideal for women who want to keep their hairstyle fresh during travel because it doesn’t take time or effort to re-create.

A third trend is wearing your hair down and adding a fun bow at the ends of your strands! This look works well with short pixie cuts or longer lengths like long locks. You can also add an additional bow just below where you would normally tie your hair back into a ponytail or braid.

How to Style a Hair Bow

There are so many ways to wear a hair bow. Whether you want to add a pop of color or just want to keep your hair styled, there are plenty of options for you. You can style it as a headband, pin it up in your hair, or even wear it with a pretty ponytail. If you’re not feeling like wearing the traditional way, go wild! There are lots of cool styles to try.

How to Wear a Hair Bow Every Day of the Week

Hair bows are very versatile and can be worn in many different ways. Wearing a hair bow is not just another way to dress up your hair, but actually an easy way to add detail and style to any outfit. If you’re in the mood for something more creative, we have some tips on how to wear a hair bow every day of the week!

1. Add a little color: wearing a hair bow as your accessory of choice allows you to add extra pop by adding some color with your accessories. Whether you want to wear it on one side or both, there are a couple ways to style your hair bow with other pieces in your ensemble. For example, you could wear it around the top of a headband or put it on top of an earring so that it doesn’t overwhelm the piece you’re wearing along with it.

2. Use them in multiple different ways: besides wearing your hair bow as an accessory, there are also endless ways to utilize them throughout different parts of your look. They make great headbands, necklaces and more! And they can work well together depending on what type of jewelry you're wearing. In fact, sometimes using them together can make for a really cool look that's never seen before!

3. Accessorize as needed: if you want even more options when wearing your hair bow as an accessory, use it as part of a complete look!